CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  The results are in for the 2015 National Poetry Slam competitors slam for your spot on the team representing South Florida Dada restaurant and lounge!  To compete in a grand final you must have placed 1st 2nd or 3rd during our slam season.  22 poets have been selected as finalist in the Dada Poetry Slam being held at 52 Swinton Ave on May 5th at Dada Restaurant.

There are 3 rounds, three minutes with 10 sec grace time.  Rounds starts when contact is made with the audience.  9:45pm is sign up!  Showtime 10pm sharp.

Prize is 5 slots for 5 poet going to California’s National Poetry Slam*. Leggggggggo!!! May 5th Please confirm if you a finalists, that you will be in attendance May 5th.

Dada Poetry Slam finalists:

  1. Brianna Breezy Frank
  2. Kyle ThoughtHolder
  3. Shernide Delva
  4. Rachel Finley
  5. Marlon James Mack
  6. Casandra Bambolê Tanenbaum
  7. James
  8. CJW – Heartbreak J
  9. Pinky
  10. Erin
  11. Michael J. McCain
  12. Sherrika Mitchell
  13. Craig J. Lee
  14. Abasi BasidaBossman Hanif
  15. Lucien Christian
  16. Byrd
  17. Chunky
  18. Dylan Landgren
  19. Richard Willson
  20. Martel Bird
  21. Barbara Powery
  22. Casimi Prophet

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*National Poetry Slam is held in a different host city every year it is the Olympics of poetry there are over 500 poet including poet from Canada and France we get together for a week-long competition. See

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